Connecting With The Most Connected Generation Of Car Buyers Ever

Connecting With The Most Connected Generation Of Car Buyers Ever

Gen Z includes those who were born from 1997 to 2012, making them the newest segment of the workforce and those most likely to purchase their first car now or in the coming few years. It is also vital to note that this diverse group will wield over $40 billion in purchasing power. And what might be the only common thread among this massive slice of humanity is that they have all been born into and raised in the digital world. Smartphones have been a part of their entire lives and have shaped how they search for information, make decisions, and even make a high percentage of their purchases. So if you want to get their attention when it is time to buy a car, you need a mobile-friendly website that offers full service. And no one can create that functional and essential tool like Digital 1 Group.

Four Critical Factors When Making The Sale With Gen Z

Gen Z buyers really are a new and unique generation that poses a few new challenges to car dealerships. The attractive features to these buyers are not the same as those that were guaranteed to close a deal a few years ago. Instead, dealerships need to understand four vital pieces of information to ensure that they are connecting with today’s new car buyers and the buyers of the future:

  1. These buyers understand technology and use it in all aspects of their lives. However, they also know the value of multifunctional technology. So they can be selective about the tech included in their new car. Having options to select only what they want in a vehicle is essential.
  2. Gen Z has taken bargain shopping and price comparisons to a new and extreme level. So your website needs to be as transparent on pricing as possible. One question about the validity of an online price or options package can eliminate your dealership from the shortlist that will earn an in-person visit from a Gen Z buyer.
  3. Gen Z has been raised by parents who insist on bike helmets and safety gear. So these buyers are equally focused on the cost, essential technology, and safety of each vehicle they evaluate. Promote these three features on each vehicle to encourage an in-person visit to compare and contrast cars.
  4. Gen Z buyers are not likely to buy unless they find the perfect blend of online and in-person shopping experiences. They know that there are many other choices out there. And only when the in-person visit lives up to the online experience will they give their loyalty and money. They know that there will be future visits to the service department. And they want to know that they will be treated well on future visits.

Selling vehicles today is a two-part process. And without the right website to draw in the Gen Z buyers, your dealership will never get past phase 1 and earn the opportunity to impress these buyers in person. To ensure that your website is closing the first half of the sales process, contact Digital 1 Group for a personal consultation.

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