Making Search Easier and Smarter

Making Search Easier and Smarter

The world relies on search engines to provide answers to any and every question you can imagine. For 25 years, the best and brightest in the tech world have been refining how Search answers the constant barrage of questions. The latest advance is generative AI, which goes beyond answering a specific question to provide answers to new, more in-depth questions.

Delving Into Comparative Questions

In the past, it was easy to search a simple question, like how many Mustang models Ford built. But now, generative AI allows you to go a step further with a question that compares the Ford Mustang to the Chevy Corvette. It can be asked to compare the two and determine which American muscle car is the fastest, most desirable, or most collectible. The answer will deliver facts to support the answer to your comparison question. It can even provide more exciting queries, such as why one model is more popular than the other or holds its value longer.

Becoming a Savvy Shopper Thanks to Generative AI

Images of a product can be very beneficial when shopping, but when you use AI to enhance the photos and provide details that might not be easy to spot in the picture, you get a clearer image of the item. For example, shopping with Google’s Shopping Graph, you will see a photo as well as a product description, recent reviews of the item, ratings, price ranges, and inventory information. All the information provided can help you make a better selection and know that the item will meet your needs, that you are getting a reasonable price, and when it should arrive based on availability.

Education Is Essential

Bringing quality generative AI to Search takes time to teach the models to ensure the highest quality results. In addition, as the process continues, trail users’ feedback is essential to continued success. So the first process in Search Labs is called Search Generative Experience or SGE. It is offered on Chrome desktop and the Google App in the United States and in English only.

Users can incorporate feedback to tell us more about their experience with SGE. We encourage comments about what we are doing well and where we need to focus our energy to improve the application and the user experience.

What Generative AI Means for Users

The average person using Generative AI will quickly discover that the range of questions they can ask is massive compared to past searches. In addition, the answers are going to be more thorough and informative. If you were planning on beginning with a general question and then zeroing in on a deeper fact or piece of information, Generative AI could combine multiple search steps into one complete answer to save you time and effort.

The comparison from a previous search and a Generative AI search is like comparing a flip phone to the smartphones we use today. Technically, they are just different versions of the same thing. But, in reality, their capability is worlds apart.

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