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We offer a variety of services here to get you started and successfully suite every need using Margin.


Our content is unique for your website and is fully researched and A,B,C tested in a hyper-local geo-targeted environment. That’s why our optimized websites not only garner more organic traffic, they convert at record levels.


From title tag, meta descriptions, to URL structures, and alt tags, Digital 1 ensures all elements of your website are aligned and optimized to produce the optimal results.


Schema markup is code that assists your content in being more descriptive to search engines to gain that competitive edge. Digital 1’s proprietary platform utilizes this asset to produce rich snippets for your site and optimal results.


It’s crucial to keep on page and off page identity data insistent and accurate. Digital 1 scans both on and off page sources consistently to insure the highest level of accuracy and consistency in both on and off page data sources to optimize results.


Digital 1’s processors consistently scan client websites for errors, 404’s, redirects, canonical tags, structured and constructed data errors, mobile/desktop usability errors as well as security issues.. Digital 1 also consistently eyeballs sites for user friendliness, content, specials, offers and errors.


Digital 1 works closely with website designers to insure all Call To Actions (CTAs) are easily accessible, relevant and will increase conversions on desktop and mobile. We operate under a Mobile first mandate for all SEO initiatives.

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