Google Introduces Google Screened for Professional Services

Google Screened Verification

Google Introduces Google Screened for Professional Services

Local Services have long since seen the benefits of the previously introduced “Google Guaranteed” Program, which the internet giant introduced several years ago. Small businesses far and wide have seen much better results now that they are able to be verified with the instant results of a simple search. It’s not only businesses that see an increase in business, but also consumers everywhere know they are getting the quality they would expect from a job well done. Google is looking to expand on the many benefits of Google Guaranteed with the introduction of their newest verification program, Google Screened.

Google Guaranteed was an excellent way for many services such as electricians, contractors, maintenance companies, and more to get an increase in business through Google’s verification processes. A circular green badge with an embossed white check mark indicates all the business who qualified for Google Guaranteed, and made it easier than ever for consumers to find trusted trade businesses. The Google Local Services page acted as somewhat of a middleman between you and your service of choice, and was able to assure both providers and users with a reimbursement program.

More recently, Google has introduced Google Screened. Although Google Screened is similar to Google Guaranteed, the company looks to change its main provider base. This time, instead of focusing on local businesses, Google is shifting its Google Screened program towards professional services such as real estate agents, financial planners, lawyers, and many others. Verifying your business through Google Screened has no shortage of hoops to jump through, but through this process you can also qualify for local add services and ensure you are among the first displayed when applicable terms are searched.

The process of verification for Google Screened is fairly extensive, but with a fully vetted business by Google itself, the benefits could be potentially endless. For its Screened-qualifying business, Google requires a background check regarding the business, the business owner, and possibly employees. They also check that your insurance as it relates to your business is up to date, and may check any pertinent insurance-related history. A 3.0-star rating is the minimum rating for businesses in order to qualify for Google Screened. Using your Google Screened verification can also, in part, be applied to Local Service adds, as many search factors may limited by proximity, reviews, and business hours.

Maximize the time you spend as a Google Screened qualified professional service. Add in additional strategic approaches to your business to help boost elements such as overall star ratings, number of reviews, and overall feedback. Utilize other services in addition to Google Screened including Local Services adds, paid google ads, search engine optimization services, and more.

Getting your business more visible to a wide audience becomes easier than ever through the Google Screened process. Overall, Google Screened helps your business be a trusted and verified entity that consumers know they can trust. Google may look to expand Google Screened to other categories of professional businesses in order for its many, many users to get what they need faster.

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