How AI Content Can Impact Your Website?


How AI Content Can Impact Your Website?

You’ve probably heard about AI content or content written by artificial intelligence. Several programs have popped up in the last couple of years that allow a person to have content created using AI rather than creating it themselves. It sounds quick and easy, but how will it impact your website?

How AI Content Works

A program generates content automatically when you input a topic and specific words. The program scans articles already published on the internet to create a new article using your guidelines and parameters.

AI content software can be used to create landing pages, blog posts, emails, and more. You must specify the type of content you need for the program to generate the information.

Challenges with AI Content

These programs tout numerous benefits to encourage website owners to invest in the product. AI programs can generate more content in less time and at a lower cost than having the content written by the traditional method. However, it’s essential to evaluate the downsides of using AI-generated content and how it can negatively affect your website.

Unnatural Language

Even with the advances made with AI programs, much of the content still sounds robotic. It doesn’t get the unique nuances of human language, which can mean your content will sound stilted. You may see repeated words or sentences that are nearly the same, only rephrased slightly. You would need to spend time editing the content to make it appear more natural and easier to read for the average person.


AI programs aren’t perfect. They can make grammar mistakes or fail to understand the context of the subject. The resulting content may not make sense to the reader. The information may also be inaccurate if the program picked up articles on the internet with incorrect or outdated data. Some data may be unverifiable, which reduces the quality because it’s not authoritative. You also carry the risk that the content is a close copy of other pages on the internet, which may flag it as plagiarism.

Not SEO Optimized

Even if you include keywords in the AI program, you’re often limited to just a couple when you may need to add more. You also want the content to be relevant to your readers and to provide valuable and accurate information. If it lacks relevant keywords or has large blocks of text without headings, it can be labeled as mediocre content.

Poor Content Penalized

Just like with low-quality content written by a person, AI-generated content that isn’t of high quality will be penalized by Google. The ranking system Google utilizes follows EEAT (expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness) to determine what constitutes high-quality content.

Google’s algorithms look for content created to help people rather than to rank in searches. If AI content is designed to manipulate search results, it will be penalized. Google has introduced SpamBrain, which helps determine if the content is spam.

Digital 1 follows all webmaster guidelines. We will never use AI content to protect your website from being penalized in search results.