2022 Google Search Statistics You Need to Know

2022 Google Search Statistics You Need to Know

When it comes to searching online, Google dominates the market. Every business and organization depends on Google algorithms, keywords, and ads to create a strong online presence. Because of the power of this search engine giant, it’s helpful to pay attention to the statistics that indicate trends and results.

The Value of Google

The market share for Google is at a whopping 91.86 percent. Almost four billion users benefit from Google’s products and services. Ranking high with Google is critical to a business’ success. Only 0.44 percent of users click on the second page of results in their searches. This means if you aren’t on the first page, most people won’t know about you.

While it may be beneficial to pay for the top listings on Google, it may not help your bottom line that much. Statistics show that 65 percent of people searching for a term click on the organic results – those that show up at the top without paid ads.

More than 8.5 billion searches are conducted through Google each day. Experts say that Google is the search engine of choice because of its ability to provide relevant results for the searches. Google analyzes the intent behind the searches and matches them to the most relevant websites.

Making a Big First Impression

You only have a few seconds to make a strong impression with users. To be exact, 14.6 seconds. That is the average time for the first click when someone is conducting a search. With an average of about ten results on the first page, competition is stiff to land that coveted spot.

When searching for information, about 85 percent of users find what they need without changing their original search term. However, more than 50 percent of searches in Google end without the person clicking on any sites. This doesn’t mean that users are giving up and not finding their information. Instead, it indicates that they are getting the information they need through the answer boxes.

Google uses more than 200 factors to deliver accurate and relevant results to users. It has indexed more than 100,000,000 web pages, which it searches every time a user enters a query. Moving up just one spot in the results can improve a company’s CTR as much as 30.8 percent.

Keywords still play a critical role in ranking for search results with Google. Trends indicate that long-tail keywords make up 91.8 percent of all search queries. Searchers who use these keywords are usually further along in their research and closer to being ready to complete a transaction, which means higher conversion rates.

Google Maps are also an integral part of searches. Statistics show that 42 percent of users click on the map shown for local searches.

Ranking with Google is critical to any organization’s success as these statistics indicate. With more than 200 factors influencing how your website will rank, it’s necessary to stay up to date on current trends and analytics to improve or maintain your status in searches.