Are You Skating on Thin Content?

Thin Content

Are You Skating on Thin Content?

 If you are a business owner, or even just someone who works in marketing, it is absolutely vital to be aware of just how important having quality content on your webpage is. Having “thin” content will harm your business in both the short and long term by not having it display as prominently when people search for it on Google. We will now take a few moments to delve into what thin content is, why it is important to not have it, and how to avoid it.

What is Thin Content?

Thin content can best be defined as content that does not answer the question the user was trying to search for in the first place. It is often poorly written, contains few or no keywords at all relating to the topic at hand, and does not allow the reader to learn any more about the topic at hand after they are finished with the piece.

Google’s success has been based entirely on their ability to quickly answer a person’s question. If they did not continually screen for thin content, they would not be successful in doing their jobs.

Why is it Important Not to Have Thin Content?

Despite a lot of the technical content that is involved with SEO and content writing, this is actually a very simple concept to explain. If Google determines that your page has thin content, it will not rank you as highly, or at all, when users search for content that is related to your business. That means fewer leads and income generated in the short term, and a lot of missed opportunities for new clients in the long run.

How Can You Avoid Having Thin Content?

In order to avoid having thin content, you need to work with an SEO agency that not only knows what to look for on your page, but how to fix the copy where it needs to be improved by working with quality content writers. At Digital 1, we work with experienced content professionals who have been writing web copy for years and know how to not have your page simply turn into digital clutter.

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